"Taller de Instalación de GNU & Linux utilizando la distribución Mandriva 2007.1."






Ing. en Comunicaciones y Electrónica
Ing. en Computación
Ing. en Biomédica
Lic. en Informática


Módulo X (X-X)





Configuración básica de servicios de red, con énfasis en la seguridad, dhcp, dns(bind), muro de fuego(iptables, filtros, DMZ, DNAT, SNAT), correo(sendmail,imaps, pop3s), ftp(pure-ftp), ssh(openssh), http(apache, dominios virtuales), php5, MySQL, SMART, URPMI, certificados SSL( PKI ), crond(vixie).


Novell CNE ( Certified Network Engineer )
Novell ECNE ( Enterprise Certified Network Engineer )
Novell MCNE ( Master Certified Network Engineer )
HP/Compaq ASE ( Acredited Systems Engineer )
IBM AIX Proficiency Certification


1987 – Actualmente:
Consultor independiente en Redes

Clientes actuales:

Old Saint Marys Cathedral
San Francisco, CA
Saint Marys Cathedral
San Francisco, CA
All Souls Church
South San Francisco, CA
City & County of San Francisco
Human Resources Development
San Francisco, CA
City & County of San Francisco
Civil Service Commission
San Francisco, CA
City & County of San Francisco
Workers Compensation Department
San Francisco, CA
City & County of San Francisco
Health Services Separtment
San Francisco, CA
City College of San Francisco
ICL2 Lab
Phelan Campus
San Francisco, CA
Niven & Smith
San Francisco, CA
Harvey Hacker Architect
San Francisco, CA
Toptek Micro Center
San Francisco, CA
Open Enterprises
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA


1987 – 1992    Operador de PCUG BBS en la ciudad de San Francisco brindando múltiple conocimiento técnico a grupos de usuarios, en foros.  Operador del gateway para mandar noticias desde RBBSNet hacia Internet. Operador del Hub Nothern California de RBBSNet como también del Hub de FidoNet  en la ciudad de San Francisco.
También trabaje en TLGNet Cooperative que construyo y opero uno de los primeros ISP en los estados unidos.
Construí y le di mantenimiento a mi primer servidor de internet  su proposito fue el de dar servicios de correo y de noticias, esto bajo el nombre de dominio imat.com. Este fue un servidor AT&T con Unix Versión 3.2. este a su vez fue reemplazado con Novell Unix Ware, y posteriormente con Slack Ware Linux version 0.99. Establecí el grupo de usuarios OS/2 en San Francisco, CA.

1992-2000      Construí y opere el primer internet café en los Estados
Unidos llamado CoffeeNet. Este restaurante ofreció los servicios de internet gratis, así como una pagina web y coreo gratis también, la red contaba con 2 T1 construida originalmente en Red Hat.

 Due to the extensive modifications that were necessary to maintain and administer this network, I developed my own distribution of Linux which was geared to Internet Access with NFS and YP services. This is the distribution that I used to build the first Linux Teaching Lab at the City College of San Francisco in 1996. I had been working for the City College redesigning their Novell network in that same teaching lab. I also conducted classes for the teachers at City College such as Installation and configuration of network ready linux systems. I conducted a class on the proceedures for migrating Novell version 3.x to the then current NDS rich Novell version 4.x which represented a totally new paradigm in wide area network setup and management. Microsoft later attempted to duplicate Novell's efforts with their less than successful Active Directory Services.

The CoffeeNet, being truly unique at that time, was featured on many PBS (Public Broadcasting Systems) television shows as a forerunner of things to come. The CoffeeNet was consulted by many News programs, including Dan Rather's CBS News, for our professional opinions on such topics as the latest virus, or the quality of Microsoft's latest release, or for our explanations of the developing Linux revolutions which had started attracting public awareness.
The CoffeeNet became the defacto home of the Silicon Valley Linux Communitee and the Linux Cabal was founded in order to facilitate and organise the many activities that were taking place. Several Linux oriented user groups were founded and used the CoffeeNet/Linux Cabal for meetings. These groups    included a Perl Users Group, a Linux Networking Users Group, an Apache and PHP and MySQL Users Group, a Python Users Group, and many others.
We were priviledged to feature guest speakers and events such as Richard Stallman of GNU, based at MIT in Massachussets, Linus Torvald who actually wrote the Linux Kernel, Rasmus Lerdorf who is the author of PHP, Larry Wall of Perl, Erik Allmond of Sendmail and many other prominent contributors to the community. On 2 occasions we hosted Microsoft presentations of Internet specific tools such as Front Page.
The Linux Cabal orchestrated the infamous Microsoft Refund Day demanding that Microsoft end it's illegal practices of  charging users for it's operating system with the purchase of  new Dell, IBM, Compaq, HP, and Gateway computers and that they refund these monies to users who deleted the Microsoft OS and installed Linux or BSD OS. After 2 years of effort through attorneys and the news media we succeed in forcing  Microsoft to end these illegal practices.

2000 – Present:
Linux began to acquire International acclaim at this time and became a viable secure and dependable alternative to the less than secure and dependable solutions offered by Microsoft. The governments of countries such as France, Germany, Brazil and China publicly and enthusiasticly endorsed Linux as their   offcial OS to be used in government offices. I decided that I             would very much enjoy participating in the spread of Linux's popularity abroad and decided to move to Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico to found the first Linux Cabal in this area. It is my intention to promote Linux to the Mexican Computer Community by establishing a center in Guadalajara for enthusiasts and the curious to meet and exchange knowledge and techniques. I hope to provide space for user groups to form and to provide educational information on the use, configuration and deployment of Linux in the private and commercial sectors. Current details and information on the status and progress of this of this project are available at http://www.linuxcabal.org
I am pleased to see a budding Linux community already established in this area and it is my hope to escalate it's growth in a similar manner that the Linux Cabal encouraged the Silicon Valley Linux Community in the late 1990s.

I am delighted by your request for my resume and your invitation to apply for a teaching post at The University of Guadalajara. I feel that my engineering experience over the last 15 years and my enthusiastic participation in many Linux based projects as well as my experience teaching technical proceedures make me a good match for a Linux based teaching post. For a peak at a typical installation which I designed and built for GMO Advertising, since purchased and subsumed by Hill Holiday Advertising, see http://www.imat.com/hhsf.html

I look forward to your further communications.