Asociación Civil

for the GNU & Linux and F/OSS (Free and Open Source Software) communities
Founded in 1996. In Guadalajara, Jalisco México since 2005

A Name You Can Count On!

The Construction Begins
April 13, 2004

We are very happy and excited to announce the beginning of construction of the LinuxCabal, in the Colonia Ferrocarril in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The building is centrally located, one block from the corner of Gobernador Luis G. Curiel and Calzada Lazaro Cardenas. Parking is no problem and there are atleast 20 bus lines which stop within one block of the facility.

We are creating a community center where members can gather to exchange ideas and form groups to pursue common interests and work on exciting projects. The LinuxCabal is the place where space is always available for Linux techies.

We shall provide the GNU & Linux Community with an environment to work, learn, teach and play (home). Towards this end, we are acquiring licenses which will permit us to serve food and beverages, including alcohol. We are also acquiring a disco license to facilitate parties and celebrations.

The LinuxCabal is a center where members can spend the day, comfortably working, planning, socializing, making business contacts, and having fun. Here is a focus from which awareness of Linux as a viable solution, at home and in the business place, can spread into the community.

We are working day and night in order to have things ready to welcome you sometime in May.

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P1.jpg The roof top terraza is perfect for quiet talk and a bit of food P2.jpg
P4.jpg The beginnings of the roof top kitchen The DJ booth together with an aspireing DJ; Abel P5.jpg
P6.jpg View of the new floor construction in progress P7.jpg
P8.jpg   P9.jpg
P10.jpg New electrical service construction in progress