AsociaciĆ³n Civil

for the GNU & Linux and F/OSS (Free and Open Source Software) communities
Founded in 1996. In Guadalajara, Jalisco México since 2005

A Name You Can Count On!

GNU & Linux women's user group
( Linuxeras )


The Linuxeras meet two times a month on Saturdays from 12:00 to 3:00pm or until 9:00pm which marks the end of the regular LinuCabal meetings held eah Saturday immediatly following the Linuxeras meeting.

We have changed the meeting times to accomodate those who found our original timetable difficult to deal with. It is our hope that this change will encourage more women to participate and increase the female presence in the GNU & Linux community.

At the LinuxCabal headquarters

Admission is FREE.

Our calendar of meetings through the end of 2007:

June 9 y 23
July 14 y 28
August 11 y 25

If you are a woman interested in meeting others in the community, you are welcome. If you are unfamiliar with "Free Software" and/or GNU & Linux, you are welcome.

Dont miss this opportunity to meet the members of the GNU & Linux and "Open Source" comunity in Guadalajara.

Come to "LEARN", "TEACH" and "SOCIALIZE"